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Wolf & Maiden

At Wolf & Maiden we aim to do just one thing: Evolve.

Our vision is to challenge the ordinary; to enhance and beautify; to reconsider the things we already know and utilize in our daily lives; to invite the ‘extra’ordinary into our environments. To create a future that’s beautifully sensible, intelligently able, and conscious of its actions and its need to continue resolving as well as evolving. We do this through exceptionally crafted, engaging and aesthetically magnificent objects, designed to challenge the way we work, play and interact on a daily basis. We only work with organic materials such as wood, leather, hemp, cotton and the base metals with the intent to craft things that improve with time. This is done through labour intensive processes that showcase the artisan.

Started by Wade Ross Skinner in 2011, Wolf & Maiden is an all encompassing Creative Studio that’s on a mission to improve the things and spaces you use every day. We design and manufacture furniture, lighting, home wares, hand-illustrated fabric, clothing, accessories, jewellery and stationery, as well as empower up-and-coming craftspeople, designers and artists. We also do bespoke pieces, interior design and decor and installations.