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Polarizer Lens

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We’ve all lined up that perfect sunrise/sunset/ocean/mountain shot, only to have it ruined by glare, reflection, overexposure. A fancy SLR camera has all sorts of settings and lens filters to combat this, but what does your phone camera have? Nada. But even your phone needs a little visual uv protection sometimes, so we created the instaLens polarizer, because we couldn’t find a pair of sunglasses to suit every model of phone out there.

This little fella can be adjusted to block all sorts of lightwaves, increase colour intensity and saturation, balance exposure, and eliminate glare and reflection entirely, depending on the shot you’re trying to catch. The instaLens polarizer will have you chasing incredible sunsets and catching perfect rainbows in no time, much to the envy of those competitive instagram followers of yours.

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