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Macro/Wide Lens

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This one’s for the bargain hunters among us. Want two very cool and very different instaLenses for the price of one? This guy is your new best friend.

The wide-angle function of the lens is pretty much the handiest thing in the world – a 0.67 times outward zoom allows you to capture that little big extra. a big group shot? tall building? gigantic landscape? where your phone’s camera would usually crumple under the pressure, the instaLens wide is unstoppable.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. Unscrew the top layer of the lens and hiding underneath is your very own macro lens - for the curious among us. This tiny lens gives your phone’s camera a ten mm focal distance, which means you can get closer detail on flowers, bugs and eyeballs than ever before. the possibilities are limitless, so go and explore the world around you – our extensive research (read: obsessive playing) has taught us that pretty much everything looks cool under a macro lens. but do be warned – macro-addiction is a very real and very serious affliction, and we’re pretty sure its incurable.

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