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Research Unit

Research Unit was established in 2011 and began from our frustrations with goods on the leather market.

Our leather is locally sourced from local tanneries in South Africa, therefore our products are 100% South African. After we’ve sourced our skins, it is then laser cut. The laser is set at its finest setting to produce a detailed laser etched logo. Each and every product is oiled and then hand dyed with four layers of leather dye. This makes for a richer, deeper colour to the product, which cannot be matched by any factory or machine process. It’s then time to apply the leather dressing, which then seals in the colour and also allows for an out-standing colour. Thereafter, our products are constructed with an age-­‐old saddle-­‐stitch, using two needles, done by hand, by a skilled craftsman.

Each product goes through a period of testing to check if it works properly, that it is useful and does not unravel. We only design products that ‘we’ need and this seems to resonate with our clientele. It makes us more than happy to see a customer happy with our product, therefore customers are very important to us. We rely on our innovative thinking to rethink processes and apply the ancient techniques to our manufacturing process to produce a superior product.

Research Unit felt that we could fill the gap by making quality leather goods… Our leather goods are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. We allow the material to dictate the design processes so that the imperfections can be seen in an aesthetically pleasing organic way and this philosophy is mimicked by the ancient Japanese master craftsman.

Due to the handmade nature of the product, slight variations in finish might occur. This quality should be celebrated in light of all the homogenous crap out there. This, coupled with the organic nature of the leather, produces what we call ‘design details’ that can never be repeated.