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Personality Pens

Personality Pens was born out of a desire to get the creative juices flowing again, a gift last used twenty years ago when I retired as a furniture designer after having worked for two of the largest furniture manufacturers in South Africa for thirty years. More importantly I’m joined by my son in this endeavour.

Our pens are handcrafted mainly in wood with all manner of other materials used as embellishments. We enjoy the constraints of a finite canvas, 120 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm, in which to practice our craft and showcase our creativity.

An added plus is the small amounts of timber used, both alien and exotic, usually sourced commercially as off-cuts, or rescued from the braaiwood pile, or the municipal dump, or from well-meaning friends.
A wood pen is unique as no two pieces of wood are identical and finding one that suits your personality, serene, excitable, moody, confident, introvert, extravert, serious, etc, is the real challenge.