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Nicolson Russell

Nicolson Russell is a South African designer cutlery business that was started in 2007 by Emma Russell from Johannesburg. The name originates from the surnames of her two families, Russell on her father’s side and Nicolson on her mother’s. Emma started her career in finance, before deciding that the corporate world was not for her. After travelling the world she returned to South Africa with a desire to bring home with her global trends for the South African homemaker to enjoy affordably. She is committed to introducing new products.

Great thought and special personal attention has been put into every piece of cutlery that we manufacture. Our knives are all made from solid stainless steel, correctly weighed for perfect balance. Our forks are all made with a certain handle-length, the prongs sharp and having a specific curvature. Our spoons are all made to a certain depth. They are all pieces of art. We believe that these pieces will form part of some of your life’s more memorable moments.