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A simple guideline to beautiful furniture

A simple guideline to beautiful furniture

Guideline may not be a famil- iar name to the man on the street but mention it in the design industry and you’ll immediately grab attention. Not surprising, really. The company has quickly become renowned for it’s high quality, forward-think- ing furniture design and production.

The company positions itself as a service to the furniture design industry. They offer everything, be it seeing a project through


Furniture Production at Guideline
from concept to production, or simply manufacturing a piece that has already been designed. Perhaps you just want expert advice on design or furniture production; Guideline is the place to go for that too.

Christoph Karl himself

I sat down with Christoph Karl, Managing Director at Guideline, to find out what the company is doing both locally and internationally.

Here in South Africa, the faltering economy has left many designers scram- bling to cope with the decrease in big clients. But Guideline adapted. The company shifted to boutique projects, collabo- rating with interior design- ers in furnishing beautiful spaces for private clients.


Tulip Chair Detail by Christoph Karl

Of course, not all big clients have fallen by the wayside. Guideline is currently work- ing on a project with Wool- worths. Although the details of this couldn’t be disclosed, there’s no doubt it’ll turn out to be of international standard. How do I know this? Because the interna- tional stage is where Guide- line is making its most significant mark.


Tulip Chair by Christoph Karl

Most clients knocking on Guideline’s doors hail from Finland, USA, UK, Ireland, Dubai and Mauritius. Many high-end restaurants and prestigious hotels are eager to boast Guideline pieces in their renowned establish- ments. And thanks to this exposure, international acclaim has followed suit.

Guideline’s signature piece, the Tulip Chair, recently walked away with a Bronze award at the “A’ Design Awards” in Italy. Not a small feat when you consider the
Glass & Bone Table.jpg

Glass & Bone Table by Christoph Karl

competition included companies like Nike, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

The international communi- ty’s appetite for Guideline’s work is growing. January 2016 will see the company exhibit at international interi- ors show IMM in Cologne, Germany. Here, Guideline will display pieces alongside some of the most popular contemporary global design talent.

Beyond that, anything is possible for Guideline. What is certain, though, is that whatever comes out of the Guideline studio will continue to remind the world that South Africa is a true leader in furniture manufacture and design.

By - Joanna Court
Respected copywriter and design lover out of Cape Town, South Africa.

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