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The most beautiful local design lives in one Stable

The most beautiful local design lives in one Stable

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy your typical local arts and crafts, Stable is not the store to visit. Stable is different. It’s a collection of design pieces that are created to be admired, appreciated and used. You notice it as soon as you begin to browse the shelves.
Original Natural Tan Watch by Bamboo Revolution

I was there to find a gift for a design-appreciating friend but I could easily have cleaned out the store. As you walk around, you’re introduced to the work of over a hundred and twenty brands from creative studios across South Africa. Furniture, leather goods, ceramics, lighting: these are just some of the fine pieces on offer

Orchid Rococo Chair.jpg

Roccoco Chair by Mark Bain

Euclid Pendant by Aidan Bennetts

Curious to know the story behind the place, I asked a few questions.

“It started with just over 20 brands and was created as a platform for local designers to showcase their talent,” the store assistant explained. Seeing a gap in the local creative economy, Aidan Bennetts – himself a South African designer – found the location and opened shop in August 2013. Since then, each piece brought into the store has been carefully curated, ensuring that the integrity of the store is never compromised.
Langazela 60x60.jpg

Xplode Cushion by Africa Ignite

Stable, as it turns out, is also committed to helping designers set up their businesses. It’s all about ensuring they are sustainable and can contribute to a growing creative economy: something Founder, Aidan Bennetts, is passionate about. These same designers use Stable as a testing ground to see public reaction to their creations and adjust their production accordingly.
Many creatives talk highly of the store, recognising that their customer’s loyalty often begins on Stable’s shelves. And I’m not surprised; after spending a fair amount of time enjoying the items on offer, it was clear that this visit was definitely not my last.

Walking Mans Whiskey Set by Wolf & Maidan

Shuffle Table.jpg

Shuffle Coffee Table by Aidan Bennetts

By - Joanna Court
Respected copywriter and design lover out of Cape Town, South Africa.

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