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Lulu K Designs

Lulu Kingsley born in England, but raised in South Africa fell in love with fashion and design, which led her to the idea of starting her own business of designing bags and accessories using traditional methods taught to women of this country. Lulu K was established in August 2012, the aim being to create accessories utilizing only African materials and empowering women of this beautiful country.

It all started with a piece of cable, in fact a piece of industrial red rope, 4 ladies and needles, the results were amazing and “ Lulu K Designs” was born. To Lulu it was not just about the money, but also about giving back to the community.

Lulu Ks designs are not just any bags and accessories, they are unique, stylish and fashionable with that African flavour which makes them even more extraordinary. What makes this product so special is that they are handmade and exceptionally exclusive. The people behind the scenes are a core group of ladies, each and every one of them having been personally trained in the style of Lulu K and supplied with the tools to make these beautiful creations and in turn them now training and managing their own groups of ladies, creating a pyramid scheme for earning.