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David Krynauw

The opportunity to realize one’s creative passions has always been important to me. In our modern society, we seldom get the chance to question whether what we are doing is something that truly brings fulfilment. Designing and creating unique furniture is what motivates me. I have always had the aspiration to accomplish something different with my life. While exploring the art of woodwork I discovered the perfect way to express myself.

Uncompromising attention to quality, detail and originality is what sets my work apart. A desire for a fresh approach leads me to experiment with different shapes and forms to produce unconventional and inspiring pieces. The bulk of my work consists of original and unique creations and the focus is rather on establishing a synergy between client and product as opposed to mass production.

As a young man I feel it is important to be responsible in doing my part to conserve the environment. This is why I grow trees on my farm on a sustainable basis. My medium and long term goal is to produce most of my furniture out of either salvaged wood or timber that is grown in my forests.