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Aidan Bennetts Design

Established in 2005, Aidan Bennetts is a South African design agency committed to innovation. Our work is primarily focused on product design, interior installations and exhibitions.

“There is emotion when I speak of our homeland, South Africa. The provenance of my work infuses the story-telling aspects of our land and our culture. We look to the future and we learn from the past. There are parts we want to forget and parts we want to remember. A moment in a day can have completely different speeds: on one side, it is faster than else-where with the buzz of entrepreneurial culture rushing through our veins. On the other side, it is slower. We take time to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings: the vast space that makes us unique, the expansive deserts, the sprawl of our mountain ranges.

We sit outdoors, we soak up the sun. We cherish dinner table conversations and have friends laughing in our lounges. Our homes mean more to us than I have found in other cultures.

As people, we have suffered, we have persevered. We are determined, we are strong. We will surprise any visitors with the wonder of what we have in our country: the level of development, the kindness of our people, the talent of our craftsmen. We know where we want to go and we work with others to get there. We are open to change. South Africa as a place is full of inspiration. Increasingly not just South Africa, but Africa as a whole is starting to be a continent which provides inspiration for New York catwalks and international trends. Whilst the East has dominated much of the headlines, Africa too is rising.”